Exploratory Model Analysis

I’ve recently come across a few papers on Exploratory Model Analysis. I wasn’t familiar with this work when writing the EnsembleMatrix paper, but they are very closely related. I was working with a ML researcher while designing the EnsembleMatrix visual interface and so did quite of bit of looking around in the ML literature. EMA is emerging in statistics and so didn’t appear in my search.

Here are a few pointers:
Parallel coordinates for exploratory modelling analysis (Antony Unwin)
Exploratory modelling analysis: visualizing the value of variables (Antony Unwin)
Meifly: Models explored interactively (Hadley Wickham)

I tried installing meifly, but it appears to depend on ggplot which is no longer available since ggplot2 has been released.

[2004] Exploratory data analysis for complex models (with discussion) (Andrew Gelman)
Discussion of this paper by Andreas Buja (Andreas Buja)
Rejoinder to discussion (Andrew Gelman)

This discussion is quite inspiring. The idea that visualizations can be thought of a statistical tests was quite eye opening. I think that this suggests quite a few directions for research in InfoVis. However, there hasn’t been much work in this area in the 4 years since the paper came out. Why? Perhaps the artificial division between InfoVis and statistical visualization has kept it from being noticed. Perhaps it’s just very hard

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  1. Andreas Buja

    We are just about to finish a paper on statistical testing
    for visual discovery. Should be posted soon on our
    web pages. There is an older 1999 presentation on the topic
    on my web page.

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