Visualizing Obama’s voter contact operation

Mark Blumenthal writes about new voter turnout information from the 2008 election. The following graph shows the level of voter contact from the Kerry and Obama campaigns (red=low to green=high). Obama had a broader voter contact operation spreading resources more effectively across those with a high probability of voting and voting Democrat.



  • swap the direction of the vertical axis to put high turnout on top
  • add scale numbers, how many contacts? how high is high turnout?
  • since the number of contacts is nonnegative, I would use a sequential (one-sided) color scale (running from white, 0, to green) rather than a diverging scale.
  • how many people fall into each bucket? An additional grayscale plot showing the distribution of people would be helpful. Or preferably, if possible, the axes could be transformed to make the distribution of individuals roughly uniform across the plot.

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