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our day, visualizing the American Time Use Survey

For Jeff’s class I created an interactive visualization of the American Time Use Survey. I got sick last week so didn’t have a lot of time to work on it. As a result it turned out somewhat derivative of the Baby Name Voyager and other stacked area plots.

That said, I think it lets you find some rather interesting patterns in how people use their time. Most noticeable is the extra hour or so that people sleep in on the weekends.


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  1. Hadley Wickham says

    Two tiny suggestions: keep the scale on both plots the same and show the categories in the same order. Search for drinking for an example.

  2. Justin Talbot says

    Both are good suggestions. I did spend a couple hours trying to get the scales to be the same and couldn’t figure out a way to do it without making large scale changes to flare. If anyone knows the right way to do small multiples in flare, please fill me in.

    The categories are currently ordered by the time of day of its largest occurrence. This makes reading top to bottom roughly progress through the day. However, this is somewhat subtle and probably isn’t worth the confusion introduced by having different orderings for weekdays and weekends.

  3. Rich Tatum says

    Justin, what tool did you use to create the visualilzation? Tableau? Adobe Flare?



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