I spent last week in Yosemite with my family on a vacation from research. We recently bought a DSLR and I enjoyed playing with it in the park.

Half Dome under a cloud. The weather was changing quite dramatically over the week and I got pictures under a number of different atmospheric conditions.

This is Royal Arch Fall. I hiked to this fall in the morning before my family got up. Royal Arch runs down over a long curving rock. From far away it’s quite beautiful. From the base, you can’t see much of the falls since it curves away out of sight.

On our way out of the park on the 120 we saw our third bear of the trip and I finally got a picture (click to make it large enough to see). The surroundings here were much more picturesque than either of the other bears.

This is cheating somewhat; we passed this field outside of the park, but I loved the combed look of the rows of hay. (I really like the dramatic aspect ratio of the picture. I cropped it this way to get rid of an ugly fence on the bottom and power lines on the top, but the result is quite pleasing I think.)

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